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The chengdu hao new rui real estate co., LTD

Chengdu the flashy new rui real estate co., LTD., founded in1993Years,Clear is given priority to with real estate development investment strategy,And to establish“Business is given priority to、Housing is complementary”The development and management strategy,And gradually grow into a comprehensive real estate company focused on high-end property development。 With strong economic strength、Resource reserves and talent advantage,Group and famous business brand has established long-term strategic cooperative partnership,Successfully built the wuhou ruitai chengdu、Salween area high-end property golden valley project,The high-tech zone hao square project,The wuhou district hao jia parker project,The high-tech zone Howe center project(Southwest regional landmark)。So far,Cumulative implements multiple items in total200More than square meters of construction。At the same time,Group to chengdu center for development strategy,To the province、Radiation and other cities,A large number of land reserve,For the subsequent development of enterprises laid a solid foundation。 All the trials and hardships,The huge new by its unique pace,Out of a piece of bold。We believe in,Under the correct leadership of the management,Group will enter a new stage of rapid development。 Looking to the future,We will give full play to the group's resources superiority and years of professional experience in development,Constant innovation,Enhance the brand value,Efforts to achieve“A good city synthesis operators”The grand vision。